Runaway Tours are a wonderful way to travel! Learn more about what makes our tours such unique and special experiences.

How We Began

Runaway Tours was born from the inspiration of Doctor Steve and Robin Smith, our founders.

Steve and Robin founded the Pasadena Runner’s Club 20+ years ago, based on their desire to spread the gift of good health to their friends and neighbors… and of course, their love of running. After spending so much time with their fellow runners (who happen to be some of the nicest, friendliest folks you’ll ever meet) they realized a travel and tour club might be great idea.

The next step was to find great destinations. With so many amazing tour destinations to travel to around the world, how to pick? The answer turned out to be simple… the perfect places for enthusiastic runners would be those with great marathons. And so the idea for Runaway Tours was born!

Our mission is to create better understanding between peoples and nations through running (and maybe even cause world peace?)  and at Runaway Tours that’s exactly what you’ll have the opportunity to do.

About the Founders

steve-robin-smith-foundersBoth Steven and Robin are committed runners… and proud members of the Pasadena community. Dr. Steve has over 30 years of experience as an orthopedic chiropractor, and together with the help of wonderful wife Robin, founded the Pasadena Pacers running club in 1997.

Robin and Steve are proud to say that the Pasadena running club has helped so many people achieve such positive outcomes. Through the gift of good health, our friends and neighbors have lost weight, been better able to manage chronic health conditions, and found greater balance in their lives.

As Robin and Steve like to say… “We set out to raise the health of a community. We discovered along the way that we have the ability to raise the spirits of mankind.”