With Runaway Tours, we can help you create a running group that prepares you to experience International Marathons.

The History of Marathons

One of the things that excite us most about Marathon Running is the rich history of the sport.

According to legends, Pheidippides was an Athenian herald dispatched to request aid from Sparta when the Persians invaded the city of Marathon. In the ancient tales, he ran 40 kilometers after the battle was won, delivered his message of victory, and perished.

Inspired by this tale of bravery, the founders of the Olympic games in 1896 created the marathon, a street race of 42.195 kilometers. Since then, Marathon running has increased in popularity steadily. Today, many people participate in Marathons… with some of the larger U.S. marathons attracting tens of thousands of runners from around the world. There are over 500 marathons held annually in many countries across the globe and many people take advantage of Marathon Travel groups that make it easy to join in.

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Why Run Marathons?

Marathons have grown more popular for a few reasons, including the amazing health benefits. Like all running, Marathons are a terrific way to get in shape, lose weight, prevent diseases and generally feel better. Many people even credit running with alleviating symptoms of depression.

Marathons are also a great way to meet people, mingle and form friendships. Bonding around a shared passion for running has brought folks just like you together for years. At Runaway Tours, our mission is to create better understanding between peoples and nations through running, and that’s exactly what we predict you’ll do if when you start enjoying the thrill of International Marathons.

Run Together… Run Better

When you’re ready to get into Marathons, you’ll quickly find that having a support group is key. Training for Marathons is tough (but rewarding), and it certainly helps to have a guide, like you’ll find at Runaway Tours. Running with a group of friends can help you feel like the miles are slipping away beneath your feet, plus it can help you stay motivated and stay on track to meet your goals.

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